Second Chance Pet Network

build a no-kill shelter to provide a safe-haven for animals in need.Second Chance Pet Network


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  • To Build a No-Kill animal shelter to help rescue homeless pets.
  • To raise awareness about how to help control the pet population.
  • Low-cost spay/neuter clinics to help reduce the # of unwanted animals.

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What began as a group of concerned citizens has grown into an army of volunteers & a small shelter, open 6 days/week, to care for the overwhelming # of cats & dogs that are in desperate need of a loving home. We currently rent a retail space that serves as our shelter & allows us to run a flea market to generate funds. While it serves the purpose right now, it does not have proper ventilation or adequate space for isolation rooms or enough cages. Also, the space is rented at a discounted cost to us by the owner as he is unable to rent it out due to economic downturn. If this changed & the space was in demand, we would either have to find a new home or pay full price. We would like to build a shelter with a grooming/boarding facility attached (for self-sustaining funding). Deliverables:

40 cat-cages & 14 dog-cages to house unwanted pets

1 low-cost spay/neuter clinic each year

150 animals per year adopted to forever-homes

1 permanent full-time caretaker position

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: $40000 caretaker bunkhouse - we would like to have an individual on site 24 hours per day in the case of emergencies. The bunkhouse would serve as a home for the caretaker of the kennel business and supervisor for the animal shelter.
$ 30,000 Shelter
$ 30,000 Kennel Building
$ 20,000 10 acres of land
$ 20,000 Well and Septic field

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