"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person they are"Scrapbook for Self Esteem


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Cycle 1


  • Provide a fun-filled day for girls to express themselves.


Scrapbook for Self Esteem was originally an idea that took hold following a winning entry in the "Dove Pay Beauty Forward Challenge."   We had such a great time hosting thisevent, we decided that it needed to become an annual event in our area. 
Our hopes are to provide a fun-filled, uplifting day for as many girls and women as possible.
Our days include:
- A photo session of all girls with pictures printed on site,
- Dance instructions,
- Baking/cooking instructions,
- Mini manicures/pedicures,
- Colored hair extensions
- Make your own scented bathsalts and lip balm,
- Make up applications,
- Outbreak & information sessions provided by a variety of service groups highlighting body image, healthy relationships, commonality, etc)
- Scrapbook instructions,  work stations and and projects are provided.
- all meals are included.
A voluntary donation to a local food bank is the cost for the day ... (we donated 80 pounds of food in May 2010)

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: I will make do with whatever money I receive.
$ 5,000 Will allow me to run this event in more than 1 area per year.

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