Train BCSAr teams in Critical incident stress managmentBC Search and Rescue Critical incident Stress management Team


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  • Train BC Search and Rescue Stress Management Team


To bring our geographically dispersed volunteer CISM peer support persons together for additional training with a certified CISM instructor to strengthen our skills and effectiveness in providing the more than 25 critical incident Stress management interventions annually. This means going to a central training venue to bring the 25 peers from around the province together with a certified instructor for 20 hours of instruction, practice, and review of incidents that we have dealt with. We have not been able to do this for over a year. We pay for the venue, the food and accommodation, the instructor and the costs of bringing these 25 people from all corners of the BC. In the past we have done this very cheaply by using The RCMP training centre or unused summer camps in the off season and hitch rides on RCMP planes to reduce our costs. This is done over 3 days on a weekend, as most of us are volunteers with full time jobs and all are active in SAR groups.

Community Benefit

BC Search and Rescue Association (SAR) volunteers respond to over 1000 call outs annually for lost or injured people. We successfully find/rescue 90% of these people. Our volunteers often put their lives at risk and are often exposed to traumatic events including serious injuries, body recoveries and conducting evidence searhes after horrific crimes. Doing all of this exposes SAR volunteers to the effects of emotional trauma and puts them at risk for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and other traumatic effects. Critical Incident Stress Management techniques are a proven “psychological first aid” treatment that reduces the incidence of long term effects and also been proven to increase the retention of highly trained SAR volunteers. This helps enable the whole of the Search and Rescue teams in BC to function at their most effective. This is the safety system for outdoor recreation activities for the whole province as well for the people of the towns and cities of BC.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: It won.t cover all of transportation
$ 2,500 Pay for Instructor
$ 3,000 Accomadation and Venue
$ 2,000 Food
$ 2,500 Trans portation to venue

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