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  • Break isolation
  • Increase the potential of people with disabilities
  • Increase attention span
  • Make my community aware of this therapy

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The Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Disabled Persons would like to be able to offer its clientele of Zoo therapy, assistance on a regular basis. Thanks to the "Here it is better Pepsi" contest, Nadine Mailloux would come out to their various groups.

1. There are two sixty minutes Zoo therapy meetings per week;

2. I would go to their premises with the company of several animals such as dogs, rabbits, ferrets, birds and others;

3. Team meetings would be scheduled every month to evaluate the set objectives and people's progress;

4. Five different groups of approximately fifteen people each could participate alternately to the activities;

5. The meetings will be animated, structured by the intervener;

Community Benefit

With my specialized training and experience, I firmly believe that the Zoo therapy improves the quality of life at several levels. Disabled people in my community also deserve to participate in these structured workshops with trained animals. They can socialize, meet new people, reduce anxiety and enjoy enriching experiences through regular contact with my animals. In collaboration with the organization staff, parents and foster care people, it will be much easier to establish specific goals. In fact, my project will affect a lot of people and will increase their potential thus allowing them in turn to offer it society. Finally, I firmly believe that the benefits of Zoo therapy will help my community grow.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: The purchase of new equipment, extra costs related to animals exceeding those projected.
$ 7,000 Meetings and promotion of Zoo therapy
$ 2,200 Animals maintenance
$ 800 Petrol

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