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  • Create an outdoor classroom to be used by all classes/courses


At FFHS, we would like to create an outdoor classroom where students and teachers can learn and instruct in a natural setting. The focus of the classroom would be natural vegetation with a sitting area for students and a distinct teacher-instruction area. Allowing students to learn in a natural setting will increase the students awareness of the environment around them, ultimately resulting in their increased concern for the protection of that environment. We would like to have students involved in the planning of this space and could incorporate this into the course content of environmentally-themed courses and mapping courses in the school.



Community Benefit

Fort Frances High School is the only high school in the town of Fort Frances. The property and running track are often used for community events (fundraisers, sports) and the outdoor classroom could be used for such community events too. As well, the "greening" of the property grounds will serve to better the overall landscaping and look of the high school. We hope to use local businesses (nursery, hardware store, etc) to complete the outdoor classroom/sitting area and this will benefit the economy of the town.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will not cover the planning for the implementing of the project within various course curriculum.
$ 2,500 vegetation (shrubs, trees, flower beds)
$ 4,000 hardware for seating/teacher podium
$ 2,500 stone pad/cement pad
$ 1,000 maintenance gear (shovels, hoses, etc.)

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