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send more children and youth across Canada to Scout Summer Camps.Scouts Canada


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  • To build a national camping strategy for Scouts Canada
  • To lay the groundwork for Outdoor Activity Centres across the nation
  • To send more kids to Scout Camps in 2010-2011


Project Summary:

We will reach out to more young people from coast to coast.  We will ensure more kids get the chance to get outdoors and go to camp, and we will map out a strategy to revitalize our properties and build Scout Outdoor Activity Centres. 

Every young person deserves an opportunity to go to camp.  Camps are filled with learning opportunities that last a lifetime.  Youth develop lasting friendships, learn self-esteem, become team players and learn to care for the environment, their community and themselves.

Youth returning from camp tell us THEY FELT USEFUL, THEY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING AND THEY FELT GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!  Camping makes a difference in the lives of young people and in the well-being of communities.


1,000 more kids participating in adventurous camp programs over the next year

a strategy to open a Scout Outdoor Activty Centre in every province in Canada

$100,000 in donations from individuals and corporations

How will the $100K be used?

$ 50,000 grants to send underpriviledged youth to camp
$ 50,000 funding to develop a national camping strategy

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