Tutoring Funding for English for New English SpeakersSeneca Student Clubs and Community Partners


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  • English Tutoring Funding for English Language Learning
  • Providing volunteer services like Canada Revenue Agency Tax Clinic
  • Yellow Bike Club Initiative, with Community Leaders.
  • Volunteer Conversation club, ESL chat parties for students.
  • To provide sustainable viable programs for the Seneca Community.


As Seneca Students we are working in concert with the staff and students of Seneca.

We are trying to offer more services to the people in Toronto who are looking to assimilate and integrate into our Canadian Society.

We have access to facilities for this to happen, the tutoring department is willing to work with us.  And through this partnership, perhaps we can get subsidies to stretch our monetary constraints, and adequate funding.

We have multiple clubs and Senecan students helping us to promote new ideas for helping out other students integrate into our community.

We have successfully done a Canada Revenue Tax Clinic for students and are looking to bring on the Yellow Bike Club community program to the students and the community of Toronto.

We are lobbying for a food bank to be started in our Markham Campus.  We have been trying to bring on a Breakfast Club for students who have limited budgets, and programs alike.



Community Benefit

It benefits the community through Volunteer work by students for students as well as promoting new ideas that help out the community as a whole, and help with integration of our diverse international community. More International and ESL community members that integrate into our society. Tax preparation for low income individuals. As well as educational benefit of those trying to learn the English Language.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Volunteer time of multiple clubs and associations from Seneca. Also the help from the Tutor centre of Seneca to search and find the qualified people to Tutor the English Language. Promotional Material and advertising to enroll multiple students to utilize the program.
$ 20,000 Tutors Wages
$ 2,000 English books and Materials
$ 3,000 Computers and Educational Softwares for Students

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