build several 25lb portable hybrid solar electric bikes Terry Hope


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  • To share portable electric solar vehicles with young Canadians

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The "Self sustaining portable electric solar vehicle" project combines technologies such as thin film solar, smart electronics, advanced batteries, and lightweight alloys to push the global effort to use alternative energy for everything from transportation to powering computers. It will show people of the world that sharing resources is fundamental to Canadians and the survival of our species and our planet. Four vehicles will be built and shared with different schools and institutions so young Canadians and students can have hands on experience and gain knowledge of renewable energy and global solutions.

Community Benefit

A portable vehicle power station under 25 pounds in weight is a device almost anyone can utilize around the world, having a vehicle that can provide the least impact on themselves and the environment will empower young Canadians by teaching them new ways to be efficient with time aswell as an limited amount of consumable energy. This project will have far reaching implications with every community in Canada, the vehicles will be borrowed to any public entity that requests for two weeks. This project could be the first step in the future for young Canadians careers. This technology is not just for high end institutions and far away european countries to develop, anyone can get involved and make a difference.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: shop space rent volunteer coordinators
$ 1,500 4 lightweight alloy frames
$ 1,500 batteries and electronics
$ 1,500 solar cells and hardware
$ 1,500 GPS and communications
$ 1,000 power tools
$ 2,000 parts and fasteners
$ 1,000 professional website/application for vehicle request

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