create a "Teaching Garden" to promote hands-on learning in education.Silver Creek Public School


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  • Create a Teaching and Learning Vegetable Garden for students
  • Engage staff and community members to create a sustainable environment
  • Educate students about the importance of healthy living
  • Teach students skills to take responsibility of sustaining the Garden

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There is no better way for our children to realize how food grows and how they can be a part of making healthy food choices than through a hands-on experience. The Teaching and Learning Garden at Silver Creek Public School will provide students with this experience.

As Principal of my last school, I planted onions and radishes with our Kindergarten students. The grades 1- 3 classes planted a selection of vegetables including tomatoes. In the fall, all students were able to take home an onion, some tomatoes, and carrots along with a recipe for vegetable soup. This allowed students the opportunity to experience organic eating as well as to truly see the fruits of their actions. Teaching is all about making things come full circle, and that is exactly what the Garden will do for our students.

50% of this Grant be put towards a complete landscape renewal in order to start up the Garden. The remaining 50% will be used on resources to educate the students on healthy living and maintainance.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 1,500 Removal of plants and cleanup of area (i.e Rental of Green Bin)
$ 1,500 Adding soil and digging up area for Garden
$ 2,000 Landscaping plants and replacement shrubs
$ 1,500 Teaching materials and resources focusing on environmental issues
$ 2,000 Spring flowers, bulbs, grow lights (used for student planting)
$ 500 Recognition of parent and student volunteers
$ 1,000 Equipment for students' ongoing care of the Garden

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