make a pouch that charges devices inside by using energy from the sunBen Baljet


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  • To Create a technology that is versatile, eco and user friendly


My Friend and I have come across a way to transfer energy wirelessly. It sounds impossible but using a coil we will create a field of energy that can transfer energy to whatever electrical devices you put inside the case. The power for this coil will be drawn from the solar panels on the case. This technology will be available in different sizes and will be able to clip on to your waist so you can charge your devices such as phone, mp3, portable game system, or even a GPS. This technology will be optimal for anyone who spends a lot of their day away from a wall outlet. Anyone who just wants to use eco friendly energy to power their electronic devices can use the case as well. These devices have become such a necessity in this modern society, whether be for social or safety purposes it is important for these tools to be powered with green energy.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,500 Purchasing maximum efficiency solar panels
$ 750 high quality wires to create coil
$ 750 Have multiple case designs made of high quality material
$ 1,000 extra money to be used in case of solar panels or other parts breaking

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