SOS - Spaying Our Strays

Spay Our StraysSOS - Spaying Our Strays


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  • Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return stray/feral cats
  • Attempt to rehome those cats which are adoptable
  • Educate the community on the importance of Spay & Neuter

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Our city is overrun with stray & feral cats that are reproducing at an alarming rate.  We are attempting to trap as many of these cats as funds allow, and to have them spayed and neutered so they cannot continue breeding.  There just aren't enough homes for these innocent animals, but at least we can slow it down before it spirals out of control...if it hasn't already.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget does not cover transportation costs, topical flea treatment, food, or any medical expenses. Those will be out of pocket expenses.
$ 3,000 Spaying female cats
$ 2,000 Neutering male cats

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