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create a greener schoolyard that provides shade and inspires learningSt. Anne French Immersion School


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  • To increase the amount of shade and reduce the temperature of the yard
  • To decrease students' prolonged exposure to the sun during recess
  • To encourage active living while greening our corner of the planet
  • To improve our neighbourhood by planting more trees and native plants
  • To provide students with a chance to learn in a healthier environment


The greening of our schoolyard is an ongoing project. Our school and yard are located on a small city block. As our enrolment increases, we have very little land on which to expand. Currently our yard is asphalt, gravel and hard-packed dirt. At recess, the students have few areas where they can escape the heat and sun. We have planted a few trees, but they take years to grow big enough to provide shade. We would like to inspire our students to increase their physical activity in a yard that is healthy and safe by creating a natural area that will encourage students to remain active at recess while promoting creativity and appreciation of the environment.
We will:
- build a natural path that students can use in all seasons, protected by large trees that provide shade
- improve our small piece of land by planting native plants to reduce erosion and dust when the students play

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will not cover the materials needed to build our path and to plant trees, such as rakes, shovels, buckets, etc. These will be provided by the volunteers who will donate their time to green our school yard and to build our path.
$ 4,000 Purchase trees
$ 1,000 Purchase native plants and shrubs
$ 3,000 Mulch/ground cover for the path and learning areas
$ 2,000 Material to improve ground cover and soil quality (grasses, compost)

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