Build a 19.7km path across Temiskaming Shores for biking and running.South Temiskaming Active Travel Organization


Competed in
Cycle 2


  • Promote convenient use for fitness activities;
  • Provide a safe, secure route and environment for users;
  • Wheel chair accessibility;
  • Provide for connectivity between the City's recreational features;
  • Accessibility to all residents and visitors;



The focus of the organization is the construction of a surfaced trail enabling all residents & visitors of Temiskaming Shores to enjoy the benefits of walking, strolling, cycling, jogging across the City on a safe and secure route. Presently the only venue for active transportation through out the community is the gravel shoulder of a roadway classified as Highway B where the speed limit for vehicular traffic ranges from 50 km/hr to 80 km/hour.  A connector of safe active transportation would be used by citizens travelling to work each day, children travelling to sporting activities, those wishing to engage in physical activity to better their health while enjoying the vista of Lake Temiskaming & it would encourage visitors to the area for the purpose of actively travelling this scenic route.  Most people are pursuing a healthier life style and the "free" pathway will promote physical activity, be environmentally friendly and best of all is available to everyone!

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: I- Farr Park to Hughes Lookout Consultant: $77,700 + Constr.: $405,820 TOTAL: $483,527 II- Lookout to Wabi Bridge Consultant : $200,000 + Constr.: $1,411,225 TOTAL: $1,611,225 III- Bridge to Dymond Park Consultant: $75,000 + Constr.: $437,675 TOTAL: $512,675 TOTAL COSTS: $2,607,427
$ 100,000 completion of phase II (constr. of 8km)

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