To purchase musical instruments to begin a music program at school.St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School


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  • To purchase two class sets of musical instruments.


Since we are only one of six schools in our school board without musical instruments, our school community would like to purchase musical instruments to begin a manditory instrumental music program for grades seven and eight to fulfill the curriculum expectations in music.  The program will enable the students to participate fully in the music curriculum and express themselves through music.  The purchase would include enough flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, and a set of orchestral bells to outfit two complete classrooms.  By beginning a program in elementary school, the students would then have the opportunity to continue with music education at the high school level.  Besides class lessons, students would now have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular ensembles and to perform as a band.

Community Benefit

The community would benefit from this project because the students of St. Joseph would be able to receive music instruction from a qualified music teacher using the proper materials. As the students progress to grade seven and eight, each student would be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and add to their education through music. It has been proven that music has an influence on student performance in other subject areas. The skills learned in the music classroom help students develop in all subject areas. Our goal is to eventually add grades to the program by either purchasing more musical instruments, or including recorders and choral music instruction into the elementary school day. This initial purchase of instruments could eventually lead to the entire school receiving music instruction.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not cover the cost of additional mouthpieces for the instruments, music stands, or instructional material.
$ 6,610 16 Flutes
$ 8,262 20 Clarinets
$ 3,694 8 Trumpets
$ 3,694 8 Trombones
$ 265 1 Orchestral Bells
$ 2,475 HST

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