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  • To provide a barrier-free family literacy program to 4 communities
  • To provide 2500 books to families in 4 communities over 8 weeks
  • To provide family entertainment and nutritious lunches over the summer
  • To increase the number of children who are school-ready by age 5




Story Time in the Park is a barrier-free family literacy program that takes place over the summer months. It takes place in the parks of 4 communities over 8 weeks. Each week a new book is introduced and read by a community member. Each family is given its own copy of the book of the week to follow along and take home with them. Some form of family entertainment or activity goes along with the story. A nutritious, light lunch is served. Family service providers like public health and community services are at the park as well, to answer any questions or refer people to appropriate services.

We also run a children's story writing contest for 4 age groups. The winners receive a cash prize and their books are published and circulated in the regional library. The top winner's book is distributed at Story Time in the Park the following year. 


Community Benefit

Because Story Time is in the park, people of all ages and from various socioeconomic and ethnic groups attend. It's the most inclusive, non threatening program. Anyone in the community can connect to service providers and literacy resources without bringing attention to themselves. Many groups, organizations, and businesses take part in this program. A program for the community, by the community. Since the programs inception, our communities have seen a significant increase in children's language and cognitive development, making them more school-ready. Studies show that when children are school-ready, they are more likely to graduate and more likely be ready for the labour market and/or university. This benefits the community in having a skilled and educated work force. Story Time pulls people to the downtown cores, including tourists, resulting in more spending in the community.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover wages or admin fees.
$ 14,500 Books and materials
$ 1,700 Entertainment
$ 3,700 Food
$ 3,100 Travel Expenses
$ 2,000 Writing contest

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