Build a Seniors Recreation Park for our Patients and their FamiliesSt. Peter's Hospital - Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation


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  • To promote healthy active living for seniors through outdoor activity
  • To support Hamilton as an age-friendly community
  • To provide space for seniors and their famililes to connect
  • To create an accessible inter-generational space for recreation
  • To enhance the quality of life for St. Peter's residents

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To design and build an outdoor recreation park at St. Peter's Hospital, in Hamilton, to promote general fitness and recreation.  The park would be customized for seniors but include pieces that appeal to kids of all ages!

It would include stations that are wheelchair accessible for patients with mobility issues, quiet/rest areas, a wheelchair accessible station with a garden bed and recreational equipment for visiting grandchildren.  Physical activity is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle but becomes especially important as we age. 

This park would allow our patients to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, while improving their health and staying socially connected.  This will have a powerful impact on our patients mobility, independence and quality of life.  Young or old, we are all kids at heart and that is the feeling that will flow through this innovative park at St. Peter's Hospital.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The prices above include labour but additional time will be volunteered by the community and staff at St. Peter's to provide the finishing touches to make it as special as possible for the patients and their families.
$ 25,000 5 Wheelchair accessible fitness stations
$ 10,000 2 All-ages fitness stations
$ 10,000 2 Family fitness stations
$ 10,000 2 Terrain fitness stations with ramps and stairs
$ 5,000 1 Gardening station with wheelchair accessibility
$ 10,000 2 Rest-area stations with accessible picnic tables
$ 10,000 Lighting and signs for the park
$ 10,000 Paths and trails between equipment with rubber matting
$ 5,000 Landscaping and plantings around the park
$ 5,000 Design, planning and implementation

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