Build Your House With Friends, Family and Straw!Sarah Butland


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  • Start a Strawbale Revolution


Straw is currently the least popular building material yet it is the most economical. Straw bale homes can be built by the community and for the community quickly, easily, and effectively from an annually renewable source and offer a R value from 40 to 80. Not only does this lower heating costs but is much cheaper and easier to build than with lumber.

All we need to start building a home to show the country how easy and cost effective it is will be the money we receive from being awarded this grant. We can show Habitat for Humanity what a group of family and friends can create so they'll realize how much more they can do with the money they have.

The challenge we are currently facing is obtaining the finances needed to break ground and build up. Giving back is a major part of why we want to build using straw bales and we would be giving back to the Earth, our community and refreshing so many resources and effecting so many lives that it only makes sense to grant us our wish.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: land costs, our time
$ 25,000 building costs
$ 50,000 training and training equipment
$ 25,000 extras or donation

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