produce a graphic novel exploring NWO's Ojibway myths and legends Shawn Richison


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  • To write, draw and seek publication of a 150 page graphic novel detail


     In the late 1800s, when the Canadian National Railroad was laying tracks through Northwestern Ontario, there was evidence found that a historical battle between the local Ojibway tribes and another tribe of first nations people had occurred. 

     The 150 page graphic novel, Legend of the Sunset People, tells the story of the young boy who escapes the Sioux devastation of his village, and the hunter and maiden who rescue him. They bring the boy to their village and with his warning in mind, the Elders decide to flee the oncoming Sioux, in hopes of escaping a similar fate. During their journey they encounter Spirits and other supernatural creatures, talking animals and even hear the voice of their creator. There are many lessons to be learned about how to live in the world and what it means to walk a path that will engender the qualities that any Anishanaabe should aspire to – Wisdom, Courage, Humility, Truth, Honesty, Respect and Love.

Community Benefit

Be a part of history, as the legend of Sioux Lookout is presented to a global audience for the first time in Graphic Novel form! This project is not only important to the town and northern region, but will also offer First Nations youth the opportunity to see people like themselves as part of an epic myth… that just may have happened!

How will the $10K be used?

$ 4,000 production
$ 4,000 printing
$ 2,000 promotion

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