provide everyday equipment to those with deafness and blindness Annie Duchesneau


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  • Establish a relation of trust and respond to daily needs.
  • Make a list to respond efficiently to the needs of a maximum of people
  • Provide free equipment to promote autonomy.
  • Adapt the equipment that people already have


Because deafness/blindness have been ever present in my life, I have a growing desire to  provide french material to young and adults with deafness / blindness or low vision) in order to foster their development,their communication skills, their autonomy and their entertainment.  My goal is to provide and adapt everyday equipment and games in order to make them freely available. There will be some items that will be loaned for an undetermined periods (according to needs) and others which will change hands depending on demand (eg books, software, games).   By focusing on an active and effective communication, I will be able to target and meet the needs of a larger population.

Community Benefit

We all know that there is suitable equipment on the market but that it is not always accessible to all, or more conducive to a younger or even english clientele. Many may claim to have around them a parent or grandparent who is starting to show signs of reduced hearing or vision. Often autonomy and entertainment are the two areas that are most affected. It's hard to have to phone conversation, to get by in the kitchen, to read, to play word games when there is a hearing and visual impairment and equipment that is not adapted to needs. We all want to make our loved ones' daily lives easier by providing the best aids. But you know as well as me that resources are limited ... especially in recreational activities. Through this funding, I would like to make a difference in those people's lives. Regardless of whether deafness/blindness is congenital or acquired.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: My transport during meetings.
$ 95,000 Purchase of equipment
$ 5,000 Costs to modify existing equipment

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