Change the Bully & Heal the Bullied: Interactive Youth Horse ProgramSpiritual Equine Connection


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  • Provide 125 youth in the area with EAL programs at no cost
  • Teach the "bully" empathy and kindness through horsemanship
  • Give the "bullied" the confidence to stand up against bullying
  • Help youth, grades 4-9 in community build essential life skills
  • Empower youth to be a part of preventing bullying

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Changing the Bully and Healing the Bullied is about creating positive change in our community. The goal of our project is to provide Equine Assisted Learning programs to 125 youth in the Strathmore community at no cost. 

We want to empower these youth by building their self esteem, increasing their sense of empathy and helping to instill kindness. The best way to end bullying is to speak out against it; by giving youth the skills, we give them the power to speak up and make positive change. Spiritual Equine Connection can help youth develop the skills they need to stop bullying in its tracks.

10 schools will be invited to send 8 students for 12 sessions of EAL to teach them the skills that are essential to help prevent bullying. 

2 additional groups of 8 participants will be chosen from community non-profit groups, or families that may not otherwise have the funds for this type of program. 

25-27 youth will be invited to attend a 3 day summer camp workshop.

Community Benefit

We believe that the quickest route to positive change in a community is through its youth. If we can teach children how to build their self esteem, develop empathy, empower them to make good choices through life & leadership skills & build on confidence now, they will carry that forward to their future and for the generations that follow. If we are able to get grades 4-9 to partake in the program there may not even be a bully or be one that is bullied. Behaviour is the result of a dialogue between your brain and your experience. The benefits to the community include: -Helping to ensure a safe, caring community for all youth -Teaching children how to stand up for themselves or others -Showing youth the power of empathy & kindness to others -Developing good communication & leadership skills in youth -Creating a better future for the community with strong youth leaders Additional info on why EAL works, please check out our website:

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The cost per student per session is $75 and includes the cost of staff wages, care of the horses and other operating costs. The 3-day Summer Camp includes 12 hours of instruction and lunches provided at cost of $500/person.
$ 72,000 80 Children from Stathmore Schools in 12 session program
$ 14,400 16 Youth from the community (Non-profit groups etc)
$ 13,600 27 Youth in 3-Day Summer Camp Workshops

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