empower youth to use their extraordinary leadership gifts and talentsOne Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization


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Cycle 2


  • Engage over 6000 youth in grades 4-12 through assemblies and workshops
  • Deliver in-depth Leadership training for over 120 youth
  • Collectively serve over 1000 volunteer hours in the community
  • Connect over 100 youth with experts in their areas of interest
  • Inspire & educate over 3000 students to make healthy lifestyle choices

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Our organization inspires, engages and challenges youth by providing mentorship and training programs that build their self worth, increase their communication, and hone leadership skills. We also connect them to experts in their areas of interest and then serve alongside them through community activities.

We will establish relationships with 3 Brampton high schools and get buy in from the administrators and then staff. This will be followed by assemblies and workshops that engage 40-50 students (SWOLE Team) that will be trained. We will also work with the associated elementary schools.

Pro athletes, Olympians and community leaders are a part of the team as we deliver the SWOLE training program that focusses on the following principles:
Self respect
Work hard
Overcome Adversity
Lead by example

After students are trained, we create opportunities to engage in community building volunteer opportunities with them.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 31,265 Project Coordinator
$ 36,288 3 Project Delivery Assistants
$ 12,000 Honoraria for Special guests
$ 5,000 Program Evaluation
$ 3,500 T-shirts
$ 2,500 Program Materials
$ 640 telephone/utilities
$ 920 photocopying/printing/office supplies
$ 500 financial audit
$ 320 Bookkeeping
$ 6,000 Program Food
$ 1,050 website maintenance

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