set up a national toll-free teen help/resource line, it's badly neededNena Sinclair


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  • To set up a nationwide teen helpline


I volunteered for a few years for a non-profit teen helpline called Teen Touch. Teen Touch was local to Manitoba. We handled calls of all types from teens, some of them general questions, some of them much more serious. I enjoyed doing this very much and what I really liked was that the calls were routed directly to the home (or cell phone) of the volunteer. Unfortunately, after being around for 26 years, Teen Touch closed last September, due to lack of volunteers. I would like to see a similar line start up, but to be nationwide. The service would provide a list of resources to which we could refer our clients or just an just someone who would listen without being judgemental. Teens desperately need this in their lives. The calls are anonymous. The only time we would ever break that rule would be if someone was in very serious jeopardy, such as a definite threat to commit suicide.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 5,000 To set up the phone & computer network, train volunteers

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