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  • To expose and promote passionate and talented artists and creators!


The worlds greatest creations and innovations come from the minds of people that love what they do.  And people that love what they do are great at what they do.  A piece of them is left in every part of their work and it is my goal to photograph them and their work to show the world how great it truly is in reflection with their unique personality and style.  It's not always easy being yourself let alone finding yourself.  Your creative output is an extension of who you are and I want to help you along your way.

Following ones passion however, does not come without hard work and sacrifice.  The aim is to focus on those that are not only talented and hardworking but have great attitudes to complement their talents.  In todays world of technology and accessibility I aim to help separate and promote them among the masses.

The Image Interview is an online publication that showcases and promotes these people through still images.

Community Benefit

The focus is on those who are not only talented but have great attitudes to complement their talents. This would benefit anyone pursuing a creative career to get the exposure they truly deserve.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 2,000 marketing
$ 3,000 ongoing film supplies, development & scanning, production costs

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