Offer therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with disabilitiesHigh Performance Riding Club


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  • Provide therapeutic riding services to individuals with disabilities

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The therapeutic riding program portion of High Performance Riding Club provides access to horseback riding and a functional, progressive therapy option for individuals with disabilities of all ages. Activities involving horses can be used as therapy to assist individuals with disabilities in reaching physical, cognitive, social, behavioral and communication goals. Emphasis is put on learning functional riding skills for therapeutic purposes. Sport activities on horseback, can be easily adapted to fit individuals with disabilities. We offer a therapeutic horsemanship program, which means that in addition to learning to ride, clients also learn to prepare the horse for the session providing physical and sensory based challenges as well as a feeling of responsibility for the care of the horse. Therapeutic riding offers a holistic and gratifying way to receive recreation, leisure and physical fitness for individuals with disabilities.

Community Benefit

High Performance Riding Club provides the opportunity for people of all ages & abilities to explore & learn from the horse. We have chosen riding as our modality as it offers physical, social and mental benefits to community members both able and disable bodied. We want to create an atmosphere that fosters cooperation, conflict resolution, empathy and understanding. The horse has an amazing ability to create an environment that promotes all of those things as well as self esteem, team building, and a healthy lifestyle. With horse and therapy related staff we are able to provide individualized goal based programming in individual or small group lessons depending on abilities and requirements of the riders. We are able to provide long term, personalized programming in year round facilities. By subsidizing costs, families who previously could not afford riding as an option can more feasibly access the service or for longer term commitment.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This will not cover horse and arena expenses but strictly subsidize staff wages.
$ 100,000 2520 Rider hours subsidized at 50%

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