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  • To construct an accessible play park for all abilities

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The location chosen for this playground will be centrally located at the Vollmer Complex for the residents of LaSalle and visitors to use and enjoy.   The play ground will create more awareness about the needs of people with disabilities, it will help break down barriers and it will help children foster friendships with their peers.  It will also bring the community together to enjoy the element of play; children learn through play so this will just be another asset for the community.  This playground will also be a benefit to more than just the children, accessible playgrounds offer improved play participation for parents, caregivers and relatives who themselves may have a disability. 

Community Benefit

About 1.85 million (13.5%) of the population in Ontario have a disability. That means that with LaSalle’s population of about 29,000, almost 4,000 residents have a disability. At this current time, the Town of LaSalle has only one totally accessible playground. An accessible playground is defined as “an outdoor play area that features equipment and design elements accessible to people of all ability levels”. All children have a need to play. Different play options increase the opportunities for the child to make choices, take on challenges, learn and have fun. The play structure will be designed for children of all ages and abilities with play events suitable for ages 2 thru 12.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The grant provides 33% of the total project cost. Protective Surfacing $185,000.00 Site Preparation $25,000.00
$ 100,000 To purchase and install the accessible playground equipment

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