Valorix, for a sustainable development!Valorix


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Cycle 1


  • To replace 1 million of m3 of fossil fuel with our bioenergy
  • Replace 5,000 tonnes of chemical fertilizers with our biofertilizers
  • Recover 30,000 tonnes of manure and organic waste
  • Produce biofuel
  • Reduce water and soil pollution through our ecological processes


In a sustainable development perspective, Valorix will offer agricultural producers, food industries and municipalities an organic waste management service that will enable the recovery of excess biomass for bioenergy and biofertilizers at an added value. The bioenergy product will be proposed to the industrial sector as a biofuel alternative.

Phase 1 (2010): The input volume is expected to be 30,000 tonnes of manure and organic waste. That will produce 1,161,300m3/year of bioenergy and 5,317 tonnes/year of biofertilizers.

Phase 2 (2012): Producing a non-polluting biofuel that is environmentally friendly.

Phase 3 (2013): Expanding in several strategic areas of Quebec.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 This amount will be our down payment for the project.

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