distribute CARE packages to homeless in Vancouver's downtown eastsideDanielle Xu


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  • distribute 40 CARE packages to the homeless in downtown eastside
  • direct the homeless to organizations that can help (ex. to find a job)
  • foster community understanding and awareness about this issue


In recent polls, homelessness and poverty have become two of Vancouver's top social issues (GVRSCH). Although in the eyes of many homelessness is personified by the drug addicts or beggars who populate street corners, the real face of homelessness is those who struggle daily to make a living- invisible to many. The most we can hope to do is to offer a bit of help to help them turn their lives around.

The plan:
create and distribute 40 CARE packages that can be distributed through local shelters. The packages will have no cash value.

an example of a CARE package would include:
- monthly bus passes (transportation: high-cost but often crucial)
- clothing/backpacks/toiletries/vouchers (sponsorship w/ local businesses)
- pillows/blankets for the cold season

Homelessness should not be covered up or shunned. The only way to reduce the amount of people on the street and make a lasting change is to educate them and give them a means to be independent. Everyone deserves a chance and dignity.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: local shelters and organizations do offer donated clothing/blankets but sometimes they may be lacking in certain wares toiletries are important because not only does it better hygiene and health but it improves self-esteem/preserves dignity
$ 3,400 bus passes
$ 1,200 clean clothing/backpacks/blankets/etc
$ 400 toiletries

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