to increase safe accessibility in our "backyard" community gardenMargaret Stadey


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  • to increase safe accessibility in our "backyard" community garden
  • to create an enjoyable garden oasis for all who participate here
  • to be a successful working example of backyard sharing



Ours is the oldest neighbourhood in the city - home to many disadvantaged citizens. Hunger is an issue. Isolation is a factor along with addiction, mental and physical illness, cultural bias and fear of the unknown neighbour. This was the foundation of the creation of the VGP.

Through the VGP; property owner and avid gardener Susan McFarlane; shares her back yard.

It's near impossible for seniors and disabled people to "get down" in the garden. We propose individual raised plots; shared ground crops;and a supportive environment with a diversity of participants.

Our intent is to create a successful working example of shared private space - growing nutritious food for our bodies, friendships for our enjoyment and contentment for our souls. Friendly neighbours create healthy communities - healthy communities nurture healthy living. The seed starts in the garden.


Community Benefit

We need the production of food to relieve the hunger and dependence on food banks. We need the joining of neighbours to gain strength in dealing with our many issues. The activities of the VGP have had success within the neighbourhood. That success has been noticed by city administration and received favourable national and international response. This neighbourhood needs that external support to become vital again and the respect garnered boosts the collective self esteem. This "backyard" community garden is unique and Food is a perpetual need and so an excellent inter-active focus to grow "community. Breaking the barriers of Isolation, fear and hunger is essential to our neighbourhood becoming revitalized and remaining so.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: 2010.00 - Labour to be donated or paid for by VGP 900.00 - Insurance provided by VGP 500.00 - Food and support supplies for vol - donated
$ 3,570 Raised Beds
$ 1,650 Fence
$ 1,200 Greenhouse
$ 1,100 Garden Shed & attached Shelter
$ 450 Watering System
$ 1,610 Assistive tools & equipment
$ 180 Perennial Plants & Clover Mix Grass seed
$ 240 Administrative

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