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Cycle 1


  • monthly topics such as: The Foundation for Volunteer Involvement
  • Effective Supervision of Volunteers
  • Volunteer related issues in Risk Managment
  • The Impact of Volunteer Involvement
  • Corporate Volunteer Programs


We would like to strengthen 50 not for profit organizations & their staff by providing them with professional development. This training would trickle down to thousands of volunteers helping in the community to thousands of their clients being better served. The online course material has been compiled by recognized volunteer manager leaders contributing from Australia, Canada and the USA. It is also an eligible way to earn professional development hours by the Provincial and National Volunteer bodies (CAVR and PAVR-O).

Using brown bag lunch discussion groups, conference calls, along with networking and the online tool will allow staff regardless of their title who are responsible for planning & developing projects that involve volunteers a chance to learn more about the principles & practices of volunteer managment. The flexibiltiy of access to the material 24/7, being able to download the audio recording of each guide will allow people flexibiltiy to learn.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Extra items that will not be covered in the budget would be any room rental costs that we would incur if we could not find enough donated rooms. I do think with the number of organizations and the use of the library this should not be a problem.
$ 21,000 to purchase online tool
$ 3,550 food, beverages, snacks
$ 400 binders, and photocopying
$ 50 name tags, markers and flip chart paper

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