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  • Inspire youth to organize for real and effective change.
  • Refresh local communities and the world.
  • Share why education is essential in creating a more equitable world
  • Provide tools so youth can play a key role in creating change.
  • Inspire and motivate Canadian youth.

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Get Loud: Refresh your World View will benefit students across Canada who are eager to build a more just and equitable world. Working together, students will become champions for peace and human rights by inspiring others to broaden their world view to include all people – especially the most vulnerable.


Create a multimedia presentation to be used in 500 schools: this educational multimedia presentation will deliver key messages of global citizenship and social action.

Train 5 local motivational presenters per province who will deliver 10 presentations each: a manual will be created detailing all logistics and training modules required to facilitate informative and inspiring presentations.

Reach 50,000 Canadian students through War Child's Pepsi Refresh idea: The future is theirs to hold, youth need to feel empowered so that they may fulfill their loftiest aspirations.

Create a "Refresh" student toolkit for student leaders to effect change in their communities 

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: 1. Manager, Youth Action salary - point person who will supervise project 2. Web master - who will upload materials online 3. Press and promotion obtained and solicited through War Child's media and communication department
$ 13,350 Production of Multi Media Presentation
$ 36,720 Production of Educational Resources
$ 332 Promotional Material
$ 38,885 Project Management
$ 10,713 Administration and overhead costs

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