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  • The purpose of our project is to wage war on the “Digital Divide.”

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Project Summary
In today’s world — there are many technologies, everything from computers to mobile devices. Information technologies (IT) let us gather information, download a podcast, take photos, watch videos, post updates, call or text friends and family, and organize schedules — digital media and content are a huge part of the Canadian’s way of life. However, this world of information is not accessible to Canadians who fall into the “Digital Divide”. This project proposes to attack the digital divide by proivding selected participants with technology and training chosen for them following and IT assessment.  
   1. Select Participants
   2. Conduct IT Assessments
   3. Create Resource Pool by Obtaining and/or Revising Technical Resources
   4. Mobilise the Classroom and Deliver Training
   5. Purchase and Distribute Technology
   6. Conduct Follow Up Interviews

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Budget does not cover supplies, meeting space, assessment and curriculum development costs.
$ 50,000 Staff to administer the assessment, deliver training, & consultation
$ 35,000 equipment to give to successful indiuals
$ 15,000 travel costs to deliver in rural and remote MB

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