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  • Build a Veterinary Clinic Focused on Spay/Neuter

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Our organization plans to build a veterinary clinic that will be focused on the spay/neuter of cats and dogs. For years we have emphasized the importance of spaying & neutering all companion animals as a way to help control pet overpopulation.  We know that there are many people in our community who are not having their animals fixed for financial reasons, and this clinic will provide options for them.

In order to operate a public vet hospital it must have a separate entrance and facilities from our in-house operations. To achieve this, we plan to build a separate building on our existing property which will house the clinic. 

This project is critical to our goal of ending the needless euthanasia of companion animals in Windsor and Essex County by 2012. For the past few years we have focused on increasing adoptions, but we also need to reduce the number of unwanted animals coming through our doors. This clinic will do that. 

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The estimated cost for the entire project is approximately $500,000 including construction, medical equipment, computer equipment, supplies, animal kennels, etc. We already have about $150,000 raised, and with this grant are certain we can raise the remainder.
$ 100,000 Towards construction of new veterinary clinic

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