offer training to women with barriers to the employment market Women Working With Women


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  • create a non coersive program to train hard to place women
  • create a basic practical life skills program to augment the training
  • document our programming initiatives
  • provide supplies for marganilzed women who are in transition

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Women Working With Women established our first revenue generating enterprise- Mis’cel’la’ny- to help address the critical gaps that exist in the tangible support that is offered to women in transition.

W4 does not feel that these gaps can wait to be addressed; this economic depression has women and their children living in desperate conditions.

Women working With Women’s ultimate objective is to create retail employment opportunities for women who are “hard to place” due to issues of isolation, drug addiction, sex trade experience and violence. The portal through which these retail employment opportunities will be realized iis in our retail venture-Mis’cel’la’ny.

While there are similar pre-employment programs currently in place W4 has a unique perspective to bring to the table. We would like to employ a non coersive program that speaks to the different level of skills that women bring to the table.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The marketing of the thrift store will not be covered, also the thrift store website we are building to cover the recyclling aspect and all it entailes.Hiring of a marketing coordinator to move the retail program forward in our efforts to show the benifits of responsible reconsumption.
$ 35,000 training materials and building the warehouse
$ 40,000 to build offices and and area for support groups and training
$ 25,000 equipment/computers and pos program marketing

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