Give Canadian Veterans with PTSD & Youth-At-Risk a New Leash on Life!Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs


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  • Train up to 8 service dogs for local individuals with disabilities
  • Engage up to 16 local youth at risk to train the service dogs
  • Pilot program: up to 16 local Veterans with PTSD training service dogs
  • Partner with youth and VA organizations to measure benefit outcomes

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We believe the human-canine bond has the power to change lives by breaking down barriers and creating ability and opportunity where others see only disability!

Through innovative therapeutic intervention programs, we provide an opportunity to help address the critical needs of 3 "at-risk" populations within our community:

1) Youth at high risk for continued emotional and behavioural challenges
2) Veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
3) Local individuals with physical disabilities

In our existing youth program "Opportunity Barks" and our new veteran program "Mission Pawsible", we teach participants to train service dogs for wheelchair assistance. All 3 groups often lack a positive sense of purpose and belonging. By training service dogs to enhance the quality of life and offer independence to persons with disabilities, both youth & veterans who train them gain valuable life skills, find hope and healing, reclaim dignity and ultimately enhance their own community.

Community Benefit

The benefits go well beyond the warm and fuzzy. Persons with disabilities benefit from local placements, reduced waiting times to receive a dog and ultimately the gift of independence. Youth "at-risk" benefit as they acquire critical interpersonal skills learning empathy, effective parenting, social and emotional competence, leadership skills and increased self-esteem experiencing a sense of pride and accomplishment at being part of the solution to someone else's problem. Local Veterans returning with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can benefit and experience emotional healing and re-integration into the community through a mission focused intervention training service dogs for a meaningful role for other disabled veterans. The community itself benefits from having a youth population with positive community involvement, a more independent and included disabled population and a means to help and honour our Canadian Veteran Heros with PTSD find hope, healing and a new leash on life!

How will the $100K be used?

$ 40,000 Intervention program: youth “at-risk” training service dogs
$ 40,000 Pilot program: Veterans with PTSD training service dogs
$ 20,000 Paratransit type vehicle to transport dogs, clients, trainers

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