Youth Singers or Calgary

create a program that teaches special needs kids to sing, dance & act.Youth Singers or Calgary


Competed in
Cycle 3


  • To create a music education program for special needs children.


Youth Singers of Calgary plans to develop an innovative music & performing arts program specificially for special needs children. This fully accessible program will offer musical education in a safe, creative, but structured environment. The program will be developed by one of an expert who has specific credentials & education on working with special needs children.

The development of the program will encompass, development of an approximate 12 week program, where participants will be taught to sing, dance and act. Music will need to be purchased for this program. Choreography and theatre arts (acting) will also need to be developed for the repetoire.

Once the program is developed, the program will need to be marketed/promoted to the public so that they are aware this program is available.

There are no existing similar programs to this one in Calgary. And we hope with Pepsi and the public's support, we will receive funding for this worthwhile program.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Production of materials - $4,000 Marketing & promotions (profile development) - $3,000 Administrative duties - grant writing, liaising with partners - $2,000 Contingency - $1,000
$ 10,000 Program development - research & creation of program elements

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