Decrease Stress and Increase Happiness in Youth/Students across CanadaMIchael Eisen


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Cycle 1


  • To inspire/empower University students to discover their passion
  • To assist students with managing with stress, anxiety, and pressure
  • To create a go to support network for University Students
  • To create a community of students assisting and helping each other
  • To run free events, programs, and initiatives on University Campuses


The Youth Wellness Network is a large network of resources consisting of practices, modalities, methods, services and products that will be provided by various partnerships with already existing individuals and organizations offering such resources. The YWN will then funnel these resources into youth/student run chapters on each university campus, running various events, programs, initiatives, workshops, etc. that will assist students with overcoming the negative effects of stress, anxiety, pressure and uncertainty. In the process we intend to inspire and empower students to discover more about themselves, what makes them happy, what they are passionate about, and to have the courage to follow their dreams. All of these programs will be offerred to students at NO COST! These programs will contribute to each individual's personal discovery and development and lead to a life with more passion, happiness, abundance and optimism. Simpley put: We intend to inspire happiness in youth!

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Does not include creation of comprehensive website to display all that is going on with the YWN on each university campus. This will have to come from other source of funding.
$ 8,000 Establish three unique campus chapters of the Youth Wellness Network
$ 17,000 Deliver health and wellness activities/events (at no cost) to students

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