Animal therapy for children with learning disabilities. Mélanie Caron/Les Compagnons Canins enr


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  • Animal therapy for youth with learning disabilities


I want to be able to not only offer zoo therapy to children with learning disabilities in schools, but also to start a zoo therapy center to all people in need: the old, the disabled, bereaved people, people going through a separation or dealing with fact any person needing help. READ is a zoo therapy program in the United States that helps youth with reading difficulties...and it’s working. Here, the government is looking for ways to help the youth and school drop, why not zoo therapy! Several studies show positive results and demonstrate that animals do have a positive effect on humans! I like to help people, particularly youth. I want to contribute to the reduction of the dropout rate. That's my dream!

Community Benefit

- To bring happiness, youth achievement, increase self esteem and confidence, with the help of dogs... - To avoid school dropout and help the youth appreciate the importance of schools. To give some tranquility and a sense of relief to anybody who has a problem and bring them hope... A relaxed person finds better solutions to problems. - Also to heighten public awareness and sense of responsibility towards dogs and their wellbeing, make people understand that dogs are living beings that have emotions. - To offer my help to anybody in need!!!!! It’s my dream and my greatest wish!!!!

How will the $25K be used?

$ 15,000 Animal Therapy Center.
$ 5,000 Certification, training and purchase of therapy dogs.
$ 5,000 Advertising, meetings and project preparations costs.

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