Help the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of canada find a cure for cancer!Trevor and the Red Deer Rampage Hockey team


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  • to donate money to the kids cancer care foundation


the Red Deer Rampage hockey team is looking to donate money to the kids cancer care foundation. we would be putting on a 24hr hockey game and all proceeds will go to Kids Cancer Care Foundation to helping find a cure for cancer. Cancer is a major cause that has or has had an effect in almost everyones life either we know some one who has/had cancer, or have a friend or family member who knows  some one that has/had cancer, or you may have been the person to have cancer. Their are so many types of cancer so lets stand to gether and help find a cure!

Community Benefit

This will help raise a wareness of cancer not only in adults but also in children. Children are the next generations so lets start now to find a cure for cancer.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: the players that take part and volunteers
$ 400 for food and drinks
$ 400 for the arena rental
$ 4,200 used where needed any unused grant money will go to the cause

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