Help purchase needed resources for people with learning disabilities!Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor - Essex County (LDAWE)


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  • To replenish LDAWE's lending library with new and relevant materials
  • To assist children, youth and adults affected by LD and ADHD
  • To promote basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • To increase knowledge and best practices about LD and ADHD

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This funding will allow LDAWE to purchase $5000 worth of new and relevant resource materials for our lending library as well as tutoring materials for our new 1-to-1 summer tutoring program.  Resources will include books, videos, games and activities.  Anyone can borrow materials from LDAWE's lending library, including youth and adults with LD/ADHD, parents, students, tutors, educators and professionals.

Topics will include:
- Learning Disabilities
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
- Social Skills
- Literacy and Math Tutoring
- Transition Planning
- Employment
- Adaptive Technology

Community Benefit

LDs are neurological conditions that interfere with a person's ability to store, process or produce information. LD comes in many forms and affect people with varying levels of severity, regardless of age, race, creed, social or economic status. It’s a lifelong condition that affects 1 in 10 Canadians with average or above average intelligence. This means approximately 39,000 people in Windsor-Essex have a LD! Results from the 2007 Canadian-based PACFOLD research study include that Canadians with LDs overwhelmingly achieve lower than Level 3 in prose literacy; Canadians with LD (in some ages) are twice as likely to report that they did not successfully complete high school; and nearly 1/3 of parents who have children with a LD reported that they could not afford the learning aids their children need to succeed academically. In response to these staggering statistics, LDAWE provides families with the tools they need to help their child succeed!

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: 100% of the funds provided will be spent on resources for LDAWE's lending library and new 1-to-1 summer tutoring program. Staff time used to research, order and input resources will be covered by LDAWE's existing administration budget.
$ 5,000 Resources (books, videos, games and activites)

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