Kids from the 33rd Scout Group in St-Donat, Montreal33e groupe scout St-Donat


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  • Renovations of premises located in a church basement
  • Facilitate access scouting for underprivileged kids of the region
  • Modernize our camping equipment and our camp material


The 33rd Scout Group will use the requested amount in order to renovate its space, free storage space, redo the floors, modernize all its material that is used during camp. Kids will be the first beneficiaries of all this work since they are mainly the ones who use the space and the equipment. The renewal of it all thanks to funds outside of those requested from parents will enable us to welcome kids from lower income families without suffering any budget loss.

The volunteers of the 33rd Scout Group in St-Donat commit, with the help of some parents, to taking care of the different steps and the renovations in order to provide an unforgettable experience to all these kids live.

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Community Benefit

First, the St-Donat church will benefit from the renovations that we will make in our scouting space. Then, our kids will benefit from the new layout of the space to participate in activities and the leaders will be able to better organize the camps, the yearly activities along with a better management of the materials. The renewal of certain tools will allow kids to continue with their traditional scouting safely and their performances will improve. The 100 or so kids of the Mercier region who are currently enrolled will directly benefit from this investment and those who will enroll in the fall 2011 will be impressed with the cleanliness and the efficiency of our installations. Traditional scouting provides kids with strengthened self-confidence, self-resourcefulness, respect and empathy for others. This is why we must invest in our project and ensure its proper operation.

How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 Renovation and renewal of camp material

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