Build an interactive site for kids parties and schools to fund raise.Therese Blanco


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  • to help keep a focus on healthy foods for kids


More and more children are growing up overweight and mostly because we as parents are too busy to help empower our children in making  the right food choices.  Every parent loves to have a birthday party for their children, what better place to have a cooking party.  At our party site not only the children will enjoy the fun but they will learn to cook as well and with a bunch of friends to help you will make this even more fun. Schools can also participate in the program as field trips to help promote healthy eating schools. as the ontario government has administered the requirement for healty foods for  healthy schools the children will get an opportunity to learn more about nutrition as well. this program is a win for all. Parents get the opportunity to have a party for the kids, while learning to cook and schools get an opportunity to use this as a vehicle for learning more about nutrition.

Community Benefit

Teaching kids about cooking and nutrition in schools as well as at home. this project reenforces the need to help kids understand the importance of eating healthy as well as giving them a hands on approach to understanding how to prepare their own meals.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: my time and personal costs volunteers
$ 30,000 rent licencing equipment
$ 20,000 engineer
$ 50,000 building supplies and labour

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