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  • To help under-funded music programs across Canada


Each Year, dozens of schools across Canada benefit from the MusiCounts Band Aid musical instrument grant program, which provides musical instrument grants to schools whose music programs have great potential yet are in need of funding to ensure their sustained growth.

The grants impact thousands of young Canadians and support diverse music programs that include concert and jazz bands to drum and guitar ensembles from Pre K to Grade 12 in elementary, junior high, and high schools in urban, rural, remote and First Nations communities from coast to coast.

Band Aid Grants are awarded to elementary, secondary and separate schools in Canada and are selected based on economic need; inventory and condition of instruments; number of students; dedication of school staff; and overall impact the grant would make within the school community.

If awarded a Pepsi Refresh grant, the prizing would go to support the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, purchasing instruments for deserving schools in Canada.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 To purchase instrument for the MusiCounts Band Aid program

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