raise $1000000 to support Aboriginal youth because This Is Canada! Students Commission of Canada


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  • To work with diverse youth to develop Aboriginal awareness workshops.
  • To have Aboriginal and non Aboriginal youth deliver 60 presentations.
  • Visit 20 communities to present to 100000 people.
  • Engage and motivate communities to respond and raise $1,000,000.
  • To provide direct support to Aboriginal youth who are creating action.

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This Is Canada will have a team of youth and adults develop an interactive presentation, delivered to large audiences educating and mobilizing Canadians while creating a shift in perceptions and understanding of Aboriginal youth, their strengths and issues they face. Travelling across Canada they will deliver presentations to schools, conferences and communities. The collaboration of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth demonstrates how relationships can be reciprocal and respectful in nature. A component of each presentation will include what people can do to raise funds in their community for Aboriginal youth in Canada. These funds will be used by Aboriginal youth and will be decided upon by the youth involved in the project.

We will:
deliver 60 presentations to at least 10000 people
engage each participant to raise $100
engage volunteers across Canada
keep people updated using social networking on the tour and fundraising
support Aboriginal youth developed activities and projects 

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Support people will help ensure workshops are culturally relevant and respectful, youth are supported while travelling and planning and overall activity is safe, secure and meaningful.
$ 19,200 Employ 6 youth facilitators for development/delivery of workshop
$ 14,800 Support people:Elders; tour organizer, support
$ 18,800 Design and printing/production of relevant workshop materials/tools
$ 24,000 Meals, accommodations for 20 community visits
$ 23,200 Travel to 20 communities for youth facilitators

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