Aliment’Action – To End Food Insecurity for Young AdultsL'Autre Cartier


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  • Breaking the cycle of poverty and isolation
  • Designing workshops geared to the concerns of today’s youth
  • Supporting the socioprofessional reintegration of young adults



The goal of this project is to offset food insecurity by the implementation of an emergency assistance program. The project also comprises alternative long-term solutions, such as socioprofessional reintegration and intergenerational collaboration initiatives. First, an emergency food counter will allow us to satisfy the immediate food needs of our resident population as well as others from the region. The youth of L’Autre Cartier will be involved throughout so that they can learn more about this kind of community action. Not only will they be better equipped to achieve food security but they will also gain a formative and positive experience in the process.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes:
$ 5,000 Real-life issues addressed in workshops
$ 15,000 Setting up food counter
$ 5,000 Community kitchens

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