Create a sensory garden for people with Alzheimer's & related dementiaAlzheimer Society of York Region


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  • Safe & stimulating environment for people with Alzheimer's & dementia


Our project involves transforming an outdoor space into a sensory garden.  Studies show that "environmental modifications can improve mental functions of people with dementia, often allowing them to perform at their hightest ability".  Ebel (1991)

Elements of the garden will include a looping smooth path without deadends, stronghly defined boundaries through which clients cannot see, protection from sun & wind & reduction of glare, heavy, stable furniture with seat heights of about 18 inches.

The highlight of the garden will be two raised garden beds.  One bed will contain a variety of plants with interesting colours, textures and smells and will attract butterflies, humming birds etc.  The second bed will provide an opportunity for clients to plant a vegetable garden and to maintain and harvest the garden throughout the growing season.

Community Benefit

The benefit to the community is the creation of a lovely sensory garden in an area with an absence of landscape.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover furniture
$ 16,450 Cedar Fence
$ 8,550 Raised garden beds and repairs to looping path

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