develop a public education program about Canadians' rights & freedoms!The Charter Project


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  • To encourage Canadians to join the discussion about the Charter.
  • To create and promote 7 short videos about Charter issues.
  • To establish a classroom module to be shared with Canadian schools.

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The Charter Project is a public education initiative that is national in scope and will include all Canadians.  We will create a dialogue the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms leading up to its 30th Anniversary in April 2012. 

We will create and distribute short videos about Charter issues featuring Canadian celebrities, legal pioneers and Canadians-at-large.  The videos will include diverse perspectives on the Charter and its rights and guarantees.

Further, the Project will develop interactive workshops and a conference for high school students to ignite their interest in the Charter and to make them aware of their rights and freedoms.


- 7 Public Service Announcements

- 1 Conference for high school students

- National press and promotion


Community Benefit

How often do we discuss our laws at the dinner table? Yet in how many countries can you openly debate the Constitution? The hope about what this awareness will do varies person to person in province to province. In seeing a video online or on TV or learning about the Charter in a classroom, we hope Canadians will be more engaged in the political process, interested in their country’s identity, and think about their rights as Canadians. These are things that Canadians hold dear and are a part of our national fabric. We want to ignite a discussion, and we want people to agree and disagree with each other proudly and collectively. What we offer the Canadian community is pride, unity, education and engagement.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget is not going to cover website maintenance, office supplies or the funding of other aspects of the Charter Project. The Charter Project is a 100% volunteer-run project.
$ 500 A video to be produced showcasing the conference and its delegates.
$ 1,000 Workshop development and printing of written educational materials.
$ 500 Workshop leader training programs.
$ 500 Volunteer workshop leaders' transportation to/fom local schools.
$ 200 Conference Application Review.
$ 300 Conference Promotion.
$ 500 Conference Learing Aids.
$ 2,500 Conference Delegate Guest Speaker Fees.
$ 500 Conference Delegate Site Visits.
$ 3,000 Conference Delegate Accommodation.
$ 2,000 Conference Delgate Meals.
$ 5,000 Post-Production of PSAs.
$ 5,000 Production of PSAs in multiple cities.
$ 3,500 Distrbution of PSAs, including digital and and on the web.

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