inspire other kids like me to make a difference with my new conferenceAmanda Belzowski


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  • To run my Young Entrepreneurs Course that's accessible to all kids
  • To teach kids that they are never too little to make a big difference
  • Spread my message about making change at any age, across Canada
  • Inspire Canadians of all ages to be leaders of positive social change
  • Reach total goal $200,000 with Lemonade Stand & Lemon-Stock events

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My Nothing's Impossible Challenge inspires kids in Canada to make big change by doing small, positive actions. I'd like to host a cool day one-day conference to give kids 9-14 tools needed to make a difference.

Many kids have a passion to get involved but don't know how to start. I will teach them how to begin making change based on my 5 great principles. Working together to learn, they will be inspired to make a difference with other like-minded kids. I want this course to be accessible to every kid.

Some families can't afford to send kids to a fundraising course. I want every kid to have the same opportunity by providing funds for every kid who wants to learn.  I will educate kids about the power of giving back and hope they will all start their own endeavors and help fix their world. I inspire people to be leaders of positive, social change in their community.

Community Benefit

My Nothing's Impossible Young Entrepreneur Course will teach kids how to do it in a fun, interactive way. Also, I'm passing my 13th annual Lemonade Stand to my 5 yr old brother Joshua. This is the just the beginning. I am excited to announce my New Lemon-Stock Teen Event including a great concert and Battle of the Bands/Glee competition to encourage teens to get and stay involved throughout their lives. Some at Woodstock chose not to wear shoes but many in the world don't have that choice so Lemon-Stock will Fix Hearts and Save Soles. With my events I will inspire & teach people of all ages. Google: amanda lemonade

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: It will not cover any future great ideas that I have to make a difference in other people's lives, because I am constantly coming up with new ideas. Also, my time, and my parent's and brother's time and hard work are priceless, but worth every minute spent.
$ 2,500 Rented Venue for Conference
$ 2,500 Photocopying for Booklets and Pamphlets etc
$ 2,500 Food & Snacks for 100+kids
$ 5,000 Advertising & Signs for Conference
$ 3,000 Professional Speakers to teach the kid about the specific topics
$ 5,000 Social Media Help
$ 2,000 Technology/AV Equipment for Conference
$ 1,000 Data Management Assistance
$ 1,500 Backup Plan (to accomodate extra kids if there's overflow)

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