Empower youth to pursue their passion through hosting an art eventArtQuake - "Shaking the Surface of Passion"


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  • To empower youth to pursue their passions regardless of setbacks
  • To provide local artists with an oppertunity to exhibit their art
  • To promote the idea of youth making social change in the community
  • To make ArtQuake a reoccuring event


Too often we disregard our artistic abilities because we are afraid to venture out into the unknown. ArtQuake gives all artists an opportunity to explore their artistic passion and showcase their art to hundreds of people in the community. The objective is to have people (audience and artists) leave the event feeling as though art is an essential part of humanity and a skill that we all in some way or form posses. They will leave knowing that young artists today are pursuing their passion and exploring the possibilities out there; rather than pushing their art to the side in fear that they will not succeed. The only way any change will occur on this planet and the only reason it has; is due to passionate people. Through bringing this message to light; the team behind ArtQuake hopes to inspire young people and their community to become passionate and apply that passion to make change. 

(Ticketed event ($5) which is accessible to everyone. And artists also get to sell their art.)

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,500 Venue
$ 1,000 Advertising and Online advertising maintainace
$ 700 T-shirts for fundraising

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