Educating 5-10 year olds via real life job experiences in MicroSocietyAspen Heights Elementary School


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  • To prepare students for the Real World
  • Increase student motivation to attend school
  • Increase student achievement
  • Educate well-rounded citizens
  • Students learn how to deal with and solve problems


Our aim is to prepare students for the real world. In MicroSociety, the school is run like a country with student run banks, businesses, an elected government, police, postal service, newspaper and non-governmental organizations. Each student fills out a job application, goes through an interview process, and has a work performance assessment completed by their manager.

All students earn wages in the school's 'micro' currency, make deposits in the 'micro' bank, and pay taxes. In addition, they work together to overcome problems encountered in their ventures while becoming responsible citizens. In a MicroSociety students learn and grow to their potential. Most importantly, they experience the pride and benefits of their labor, as they become business owners, bankers, legislators, and entrepreneurs in a safe and supportive learning environment.

To reflect the real world all students have been sworn in as citizens of Aspen Heights MicroSociety by Provincial Court Judge Jim Mitchell.

Community Benefit

MicroSociety will have an impact on society by producing citizens who will have a positive affect on the greater community and understand how the world functions. Another aim of our MicroSociety is to build bridges between our students, Aspen Heights School, businesses and the community. Too often schools are thought of as working in isolation, Aspen Heights MicroSociety will help change this view of the Education system by making partners of the business community, Aspen Heights’ students, families, staff and the local community. Some ventures: Book Nook, Gift Shop, Spa, Helping Hearts (non-profit), PhotoStudio, Bank, Newspaper, J & A Smoothies, The ShowBiz, Post Office, Peacekeepers, Radio Station,Taxi, Warehouse, Wellness Centre, Moose on the Loose, Worm Wranglers (Environment). We have brought in non-profit groups, banker, human resource mgr, taxi mgr, Highway patrol, etc, to help guide our students. We would like to be the seed that sprouts MicroSociety schools in Canada.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Total budget is $74,600. Sample costs: Student job supplies $6000. Student job-related clothing $4000 (eg aprons for restaurant, white shirts & ties for bankers). 4 laptops, software & printers $4000 (2 for bank, 1 for photo studio, 1 for warehouse). Signage for ventures $1000. $5000 for coordinator
$ 15,000 To buy supplies and equipment to operate the student run ventures.
$ 10,000 staff and facilitator training & coordinator time

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