Pay for Medical Expenses for Stray, Feral Cats in Windsor Ont.John Higgins


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  • provide medical treatment, shots, pay for exams, surgeries


There are many homeless and feral cats that are in need of medical treatment, but who unfortunately die, or live in pain. I want to help areas where there are feral, and homeless cats, being fed and taken care of. Many people who feed can not afford to take these cats to the vet when if they run into problems. Someone close to me, who cares for strays and ferals had to recently pay over $1500.00 out of their own pocket to treat the cat when it came down with a serious illness. This fund would help people who are taking care of cats who are homeless be able to seek medical help.

Community Benefit

There would be less spread of diseases. Cats would be in better condition and would dramatically decrease the amount of cats who suffer on their own.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: driving the cats to the vet, and picking up the cats. Feeding the cats, which is provided by many volunteers who give of their time, and pay for expenses themselves.
$ 20,000 To pay for medical emergencies for strays and ferals
$ 5,000 To cover vaccinations for strays

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